Tell Your Repair Story

Tell us your repair story.  Good or bad stories are welcome.  Expensive, low cost or just right.  Lets hear them all.

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I am very familiar with working around electricity and electronic devises.  I always test with a multimeter before I touch anything.  I did a lot of research, before I started, to know what to expect.  I opened the think up and it turned out to be a just a fuse.  However, after a few days of working fine it went dead again.  I thought, whatever tripped the fuse in the first place, must of tripped it again, so I was expecting to do a lot of diagnostics.  When I pulled it apart again, it was the other fuse that was blown.  As a rule, I always check the simplest things first and I found a lose wire.  It works fine now.  The contactor looked good with all the silver intact.  I got some strange measurements from the capacitor, but my measurement technique might be wrong.  I will review it and re-measure.  They are cheap and it is easy to replace.  This thing is rock simple.  I wish I had started doing my own work a long time ago.  (I can read schematics too.)