Quality Is King

The most important factor when selecting an air conditioning contractor is quality!!!
Why do we say this?
Let us start here. What is the most common measurement of a successful repair? Well there are several.

  1. Was the repair technician polite?
  2. Was the repair technician clean?
  3. Did you feel safe?
  4. Did the repair seem expensive?
  5. To name a few....

The most important measurement of success is "Is it fixed?", "Is it blowing cold air?", or "Is it blowing hot air?".
This make sense. But lets draw an analogy.
We take a car to a mechanic. It will not start. The mechanic fixes it. We drive it off the lot. We are satisfied. A couple of weeks later we notice it is using twice as much gas. It went from 30 miles a gallon to 15 miles a gallon. Are you still satisfied? Most everyone would say NO!
Air conditioning and heating is no different. Miles per gallon is similar electricity used by your air conditioning system. Miles per gallon is the similar to cubic feet of gas used by your furnace to operate. The problem is we are not able to easily track electricity or gas usage by your system.
Quality is key here. We advocate the air conditioning contractor documenting your system's operating characteristics, operating conditions and where they lay with in manufacturer parameters.
Do most if any air conditioning or heating contractors do this? NO!
Should they? YES!
Why don't they?
The answer to this question is there are many reasons but the main two are:

  • They don't want the accountability!
  • Customers don't demand it!

Ask for a copy of your system's operating characteristics, operating conditions during check out and where they lay within manufacturer parameters and have the technician sign it.
Lower your electric bill...DEMAND IT!